Enterprise City Council looks at options for using future gas tax money

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WTVY) - Improvements are well underway at the Enterprise Municipal Airport. The city is working on a new terminal to help allure bigger planes, but that isn't all it’s got in the works.

Barge Design Solutions is helping out with the airport, and now they are looking to help out with something else.

A representative told the council about a new way to assess the roads, but they weren't able to vote on it just yet.

Alabama's roads and bridges have certainly gotten plenty of attention since the gas tax increase passed last month.

The Enterprise City Council is hoping to capitalize on that increase.

"We'll be working with one of our sub-contractors to drive all of the roads within the city, that the city maintains, and do a condition report for them,” said Barry Motte of Barge Design Solutions. “We'll assess the roads, the length, the width and what condition they're in from zero to a hundred."

That is of course, if the city approves Barge's proposal.

Motte says the assessment will cost around $150,000.

City council members weren't sure if they would be allowed to pay for it out of the money allotted from the gas tax.

So, they asked Motte to see if he could find that out and get a timeline for the assessment.

While he works on that – there’s also work going on at the Enterprise Municipal Airport.

The main project is a new, half-a-million-dollar terminal, which will take a while, but there are quite a few small parts that need to be taken care along the way.

"Included in that project is a complete rebuild of about half of the ramp, that will be placed right in front of the new terminal building the other half of the ramp will be an overlay project,” said Motte. “The FAA has asked us to go ahead and design the full ramp."

Motte says he isn't sure the FAA will be able to fund the whole ramp, but wants the city to bid it out to see how much it would cost.

The city council is expected to vote on the road assessment proposal at its next meeting in two weeks

The city council also appointed a new member to the board of education.

Marty Williams will serve on the board for the next 5 years.

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