Empty building on Foster Street will transform into Transition House

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - A Transition House for those battling addiction and looking for recovery is coming to downtown Dothan.

Thomas Griffin is the CEO of The Transition House Inc., a nonprofit behavioral healthcare organization treating substance abuse, drug addiction and mental health in five states.

"Lives have been changed and transformed,” said Griffin.

And it all begins here, in Dothan. The building at 306 Foster Street in Dothan will transition into a facility for those needing help. Griffin started the movement in 1993 and with 25 years in the business, he's seen firsthand what the transition house has done for many people.

"People who didn't have a high school diploma now have a college degree,” added Griffin. “The good works and changes that have happened in the lives and families of them, it's just immeasurable."

The home will house around 70 people.

Griffin says they originally planned on bringing a transition home into Mobile, but the need for one was much greater in Dothan.

Although construction hasn't started, the transition house is expected to be complete by the middle of 2018.

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