Elementary school students find loaded gun on campus

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NICEVILLE, FL -- (WTVY) Okaloosa County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating an incident where a loaded gun was found outside of an elementary school in Niceville Friday.

Deputies say first graders at Plew Elementary School found a loaded .40 caliber handgun on school grounds. No one was injured.

Deputies believe the gun is connected to a case from Thursday night the Niceville Police Department is investigating. They say two suspects were running from police in the area and jumped the school's fence.

Deputies tell us a teacher was walking her students back to class around 11:30 Friday morning when she noticed students looking at an object in the bushes. When she checked out the situation, she saw the gun and reported it.

As a precaution, an Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit also went to the school to search the campus.

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