Three students from Early County Middle going to state science fair

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BLAKELY, Ga. (WTVY) -- Some of Early County Middle School's brightest minds will be headed to the state science fair in Athens, Georgia.

Prithvi Patel did his science fair project on cloning plants to try to make the agricultural business in India more efficient.

"It was in my culture and everything,” said 8th Grader Prithvi Patel. “Last year I went to India and saw that there was not enough space."

When it came time for the science fair, Prithvi Patel wanted to do something that could have an impact on India, where his parents are from.

Which is why he took to cloning plants.

"I grew the fenugreek plant and cut the branches off when it grew, and re-planted it in another container."

Clearly the judges were fans of Patel's worldly scope because he was selected to go to the state science fair.

He’ll be headed to Athens along with two of his fellow Bobcats.

"I found that many monuments are being affected by acid rain, and they're slowly dissolving,” said 6th grader Evan Gregoire. “Mainly monuments made of limestone, granite, marble and sandstone."

Evan Gregoire used the Mohs hardness scale to test the hardness of rocks after soaking them in carbonated water to replicate acid rain.

Addie Murphree's project, Boom-Chick-A-Wow, tested the effect of different colored lights on chick eating habits.

"I feel like, after my project, farmers or anyone that wants to raise chicks can just get a white light and just use that instead of a red light," said 7th Grader Addie Murphree.

So, the three projects were on very different topics, but one similarity, is that they are all headed to state competition.

The Georgia Science and Engineering Fair will be in Athens from March 26th-28th.

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