Early County High automotive class competes for grant to give the garage a face-lift

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BLAKELY, Ga. (WTVY) - Early County High School’s automotive class educates students about how cars work with hands on experience in a garage.

Early County High School automotive students work on a car while they wait to see if they won a national grant.

A garage that could use a make-over, and may be able to get one soon.

“My dad, he’s a mechanic and he does welding and everything,” said Early County High School Automotive Student Jordan Gowan. “Since he does, I feel like I should at least try to do it so I can spend more time with him.”

Jordan Gowan spends one block of his school day getting his hands dirty and learning about what his dad does for a living.

He’s grateful for experience and cars to work on, but admits Early County High’s garage could use a little bit of work itself.

“We can finally get the Nova over here running and everything,” said Gowan. “Finish the truck up and try to fix everyone else’s cars and stuff. Just to see the shop up and running would be like, a lot.”

Early County submitted a video for the 2020 Channellock Trade School Trade Up Grant to try to make that happen.

“Channellock offers a grant for $5,000 to benefit our school,” said Early County High School Construction Teacher Tim Spooner. “Not only that, but they will give us a whole boat load of tools and they will remodel this entire shop.”

The video was uploaded to Facebook and has received more than 9,000 views.

“It’s amazing seeing the community come out to us and help us in support of our program here at Early County,” said Early County High School Student Micahlin Grist, who created the video.

The competition is judged by likes on Facebook, and Early County made it into the final three in the nation for the grant.
But they haven’t won yet…

Early County High School is up against two larger schools in Utah and Michigan, so they need all the likes they can get.

The grant would also help the class complete a side project they’re working on.

“Our bus will have tools,” said Spooner. “It’ll have all the equipment we need, and with the county commissioners and they’re job superintendent, get to a lot of projects that frankly they haven’t had time for or had the manpower.”

The community service bus will be a way to give students hands on experience and re-invest some of Channellock’s grant back into Early County.

Early County automotive students are asking people to go to Channellock's Facebook page and like their post to help them win.

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