ESCC's Medical Assistant program growing and graduating

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WTVY) -- October 23 is designated as Medical Assistants Day, but is celebrated all week to recognize the work medical assistants do.

ESCC medical assistants performing phlebotomy on dummy arms

Enterprise State Community College Medical Assisting Program Director Alyssa Whitman says assistants are liaisons between patients and doctors.

The assistants do a variety of jobs in a doctor’s office that include drawing blood and administrative work.

A group of students will be working in doctors’ offices in the spring.

“Having that first group go out, I’m very excited for them. They are ready for it. I’m ready for them to sort of see the stories that I’ve told them come true,” said ESCC Medical Assisting Program Director Alyssa Whitman.

Four students are on track to graduate in the spring to be a part of ESCC’s first graduating Medical Assistant Class.

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