Dr. Kevin Elko inspires Wiregrass leaders

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- Alabama head football coach, Nick Saban, is one of the best coaching minds in college football. But he's the first to admit his success is more than X's and O's.

Saban has made a point of surrounding himself with quality individuals including Dr. Kevin Elko, and he made a trip to Dothan to share his leadership style with others.

Dr. Kevin Elko has been called a motivational mastermind - helping teams and organizations that are down on their luck become very successful.

"Greatness starts with identity, I cant come in here and talk to you about being great if you don't see yourself great, I cant talk to you about being kind if you don't see yourself as kind, I cant see you serving someone else if you're self absorbed, it starts with identity," Dr. Kevin Elko, performance coach and motivational speaker said.

Dr. Kevin Elko started as a football coach, attending West Virginia University where he received his doctorate in sports psychology.

Elko spent time as an intern with the U.S. Olympic Committee.... While there he became fascinated with performance of athletes and their mindset -

"There's a way we talk to our self, the way we communicate with our self that takes us to the next level. And so really what I do is I teach them basically conversations they need to have with themselves and then have people who are leadership like coach Saban go and teach that language," Dr. Kevin Elko said.

Elko's conversations with these teams have had positive impacts, leading to 27 different championships. One Wiregrass coach believes Elko's message will help him this season.

"Relaying the message about there's a bigger picture, and what he's speaking about is it's a lot about life and it's not just so about sports as it is about life. The word yet and not giving up yet and being a bigger person and bigger blessing to others you will eventually be a bigger blessing to yourself," Dothan Wolves basketball coach, Janasky Fleming said.

Community leader had the chance to participate in leadership, goal setting and motivational discussions. His main objective - making sure everyone takes ownership.

"Ownership is everything. The best year of your life be the year you take ownership of everything that comes your way, every challenge, every problem. So you're trying to teach the teams ownership and internal accountability so they teach one another how to take ownership," Dr. Kevin Elko said.

With Alabama University, Elko has consulted with the Florida State, The Philadelphia Eagles and even Tyson Foods. Providing each organization with a foundation for winning.

Along with the several teams and groups he's consulted with, he has written numerous books. Including, The Sender, which he gave to everyone who attended today's event.

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