Downtown Dothan Hoops Classic about more than basketball

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) -- The 12th annual Downtown Dothan Hoops Classic tipped off this afternoon, and it continues to give back to Dothan city schools.

Diane Reynolds, a Headland native traveled more than 4 hours from Atlanta to see her high school play in the Downtown Dothan Hoops Classic, in a losing effort.

"It is what it is we lost I think by 4 points, but we're always winners, because we are Headland Rams for life."

The classic does more than giving high school alumni the chance to come home.

All proceeds from the classic go back to the schools, with more than four hundred thousand dollars donated to Dothan schools, making the impact of the tournament as big as the event itself.

Blake Garner is coaching in the tournament, says the tournament has greatly helped in funding Daleville's basketball program

He said "I'm one of these people who do not like to go out and ask for money for fundraisers, and the last 4 years, the hoops classic...Dothan Chamber of Commerce has paid our basketball program over 18 thousand dollars."

Nate Vickers, whose grandson played in the classic is happy to see the schools get financial support from the tournament.

"It helps all the schools that come out and participate and a lot of schools could use the money for whatever they could use it for."

The Dothan Hoops Classic continues through December 31st, be sure to follow us on Twitter @WTVYNews4 for updates on the tournament.

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