Dothan's Cultural Arts Center adds new art program

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- There's a new art program at the Cultural Arts Center in Dothan.

It's Ceramics with Tammy, every Wednesday this fall from 11 to 4.

Art students of all ages can learn to paint figurines and other decorations.

The pieces are cleaned and fired before the dry painting can begin.
The class is for all skill levels.

"We do a lot of dry brushing when they want it to look very realistic. When they get done, the piece will still have grooves in it and stuff like hair. It makes it so realistic. It's done with acrylics," said Art Instructor Tammy Swords. "Then we do some glazing."

Some of the creations are put on sale.

The art center also has an acrylics class each Friday.

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