Dothan wolves logo copyright still pending, but it won't belong to Dothan High

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - It's been seven months since a group of Dothan and Northview high school students presented the Dothan City School Board with a logo for the new, combined high school.

That wolf logo now represents the school, but it's still waiting for copyright approval.

A copyright - that won't belong to the school system.

The students decided the name, mascot and colors and came up with the logo, but they may have had a little more help designing those logos than initially reported.

"If it’s wolves what we want and wolves what we need, then wolves it is," said Dothan High student Destiny Ratliff on January 22nd.

Destiny Ratliff was a part of the team of students that came up with the name, mascot and colors for the new Dothan High School.

She presented those at a January board meeting, and then they went to work on the new logos and showed them to the board at a meeting in April.

At the time, school officials reported the branding would be "trademarked" to Dothan High, so no other high schools will use it.

It'll be trademarked alright, just, not to Dothan High.

"We had our staff over there, our staff back here working back and forth in real time creating those logos, making the alterations and modifications that they wanted,” said ScreenTech President Shannon Collins.

ScreenTech, a local screen printing and embroidery manufacturer helped make the students' visions a reality.

When the board approved the new designs, they never made any mention of ScreenTech's involvement.

Involvement that didn't end there.

"We are in the process, yes. It's a long, process to obtain the copyright on their behalf, and there is no problem there,” said Collins when asked if ScreenTech owns the copyright.

ScreenTech helped design the logos for free as a way of giving back to the community.

Now they are helping secure the copyright so Dothan High's ownership of the intellectual property is never questioned.

Andalusia, Elba and Eufaula high schools have all received cease and desists from colleges for their logos and have had to change them.

"You can choose a local company that has the know-how to handle this for us when that isn't our area of expertise,” said Dothan City Schools Public Information Officer Meagan Dorsey.

ScreenTech also creates and sells Dothan wolves apparel, but that is separate from the copyright assistance.

"They would need to get permission and they would ultimately pay. A Dick's, Academy, any outside retailer, they would have to pay. Ourselves, this product right here, we would have to pay, which is only fair,” said Collins.

ScreenTech is asking any groups affiliated with Dothan High, like the band or cheerleaders, which want to make, really, anything with the official logos to contact them.

That way they can provide the official logos in the interest of building the new brand and not splintering off into new, unofficial ideas.

You can contact ScreenTech here:

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