Dothan students design American Cancer Society logo

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- The American Cancer Society is preparing for a big fundraiser in October at the Dothan Regional Airport.

While planning for an upcoming event Cancer Society needed a project logo. That led to a partnership with the Dothan Technology Center. (Source: WTVY)

While planning the event they realized a need for a project logo. That led to a partnership with the Dothan Technology Center.

The cancer society first reached out to local businesses but had no luck. That's when they turned to graphic design students at the DTC for help.

“It's helped us be able to start off not in the hole financially because they were able to donate this… donate their time and do this for us at no financial cost,” says Megan Kirkland with community development of the American Cancer Society.

For one week, DTC students competed in groups to create the best logo for the Pulling for a Purpose event.

“We went for a more simple cartoonish look design, so it's easier for children to look at and understand what's going on,” says DTC student Makayla Jennings.

“I really think that we got the message across. You see people pulling an airplane which is exactly what the fundraiser is. So we just wanted to be clear and make sure it represented the event well,” says student Hunter Howell.

The judges agreed.

“We like that is very recognizable too, in relation to what we are doing and that's one reason that logo was selected,” says Kirkland.

While only one group's design was selected, it was a learning experience for each student involved.

“We welcomed it with opened arms because it gave me a chance to work with students that had never design program at all,” says DTC graphic arts teacher Gina Burdeshaw.

Burdeshaw says it is projects like this that open doors for students who choose not to go to a 4-year college.

“We want community partners. That's our goal to make partnerships to find jobs for our career tech students,” says Burdeshaw.

The great work could lead to additional projects.

“We appreciate them very much and we look forward to working with them in the future. We hope to reach out to DTC to do more projects for us,” says Kirkland.

Organizers hope students see the bigger picture in participating in projects like this.

“We just hope that they will continue to strive to do these things and to help out these nonprofits because you never know where that might lead you in the future,” says Kirkland.

The winning design will be used on all Pulling for a Purpose printed material including t-shirts and posters.

The fundraiser event will be held on October 12th from 8 am to noon at the Dothan Regional Airport.

Sponsors are still needed. If you are interested in being one you can email Megan at