Dothan school restructuring proposals whittled to two and variable

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Dothan (WTVY)-- Five options to restructure Dothan's public schools are down to two, though one remaining plan has a variable component.

Generally speaking, school board members favor options three and five after hearing from Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Edwards Monday.

Proposal three would leave schools much the way they are now though some would close as they would under other scenarios.

Option five would group K-5 through sixth graders together at several neighborhood schools, seventh eighth, ninth graders would attend what is now Dothan High, while 10th through 12 graders would go to Northview High.

Then there is the variable--- proposal 5-A.

“(It) would have K-5 through 6th grades together just like proposal five does but, what it does then is instead of going seven through nine at one high school, and 10, 11 and 12 (grades) at another, it would put seventh and eighth (graders) at two middle schools and leave the two high schools separate,” explained Dothan School Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Edwards.

All plans still under consideration include at least one magnet school, possibly at Carver, though Faine is still in the mix.

Board member Amy Bonds said she hears varying opinions about magnet schools from parents but believes they will support the plan ultimately adopted by the board.

“They just want to know what the plan is and what is going to happen,” Bonds said.

Meanwhile, board member Franklin Jones would like to see magnet schools abolished altogether. He believes, because mostly exceptional students attend them, it leaves other schools with poorer students, making it difficult to give all children equal educational opportunities.

A public hearing on the remaining proposals is scheduled on November 15 and the board is expected to make a final decision on November 26.