Dothan restaurant named as one of the best 20 in the southeast

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — A Dothan restaurant has been honored for its food fare again and certainly some people don't want to miss a chance dine at what's becoming a famous food landmark. Geraline, a Dothan resident said she loves Homestyle cooking and her favorite place to eat is Zack’s restaurant in Dothan.

"Everything is so delicious” said Geraline, and evening mentioning if they served breakfast and dinner, she’d eat that to.

Just months ago Zack's was named the best meat and three in Alabama by the news website Now the blessing is bigger. The website, It's A Southern Thing, named Zack's one of the best southern cooking restaurants in the south. The cream of the crop between Arkansas and the Atlantic.

"I’ve really enjoyed being in the spotlight sort of speak but we've had people all over the United States come in here the last, just the last few months", said Zack Whaley, one of the owners of Zack’s.

The publicity enticing hungry folks to Zack’s.

“It’s probably been 30-years since we found a cafeteria similar to this”, said Leslie Rodenbrock.

Roy and Leslie Rodenbrock, until recently, lived in Orlando. Restaurants there, they said, can't compare to Zack’s.

""They go above and beyond here. It’s the best place in the state", said Leslie.

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