Dothan police provide 24/7 patrol in public housing communities

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- A few years ago, some may have felt unsafe walking through Dothan public housing.

Now, thanks to the continuation of the Public Housing Drug Elimination Program, they don’t have to be.

“The police department commits eight patrol officers, two officers per shift, and they are dedicated housing authority units so they basically patrol all the housing areas that fall under the control of that," explained Dothan Police Captain Todd David.

The funding ensures that unless there is an emergency, the assigned officers patrol the area 24/7. Something patrol officer Tyler Sima believes can make a difference.

“It’s extremely important," Sima said, "given the amount of population we have in the housing authorities and their outside relationships with the communities, having our presence there with them at all times benefits us and them.”

Perhaps building those relationships will help shape the next generation.

“I like for them to be able to come up to me as a role model and as a male figure and tell me what’s going on, tell me what’s wrong or talk to me about their life so I can help them grow up and be a better person.”

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