Dothan mechanics offer car care tips before you put your pedal to the metal

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) April is National Car Care Month, so how is your car running? Tuffy offers some easy maintenance ideas that you can have done on your vehicle, to keep it driving safely.

It's no secret that the better you take care of your car, the smoother it will run. However not everyone has maintenance done regularly.

"Most people wait until they hear a noise,” said Seth Cook, General Manager at Tuffy Auto Service Center in Dothan. “Usually at that point there's damage done."

Tuffy Tire and Auto Service Center in Dothan recommends getting an oil change regularly. If you go too long without checking your automobile's fluids, Cook says your car can begin to slip and “run sluggish.”
Tires and suspension are also parts you don't want to overlook.

"Tire inflation is important and tire wear,” mentioned Cook. “If they sense any kind of vibration or anything they can bring it by and we can check it."

Last but not least, get your brakes checked. Cook says wear sign to look for are softening of the pedal, and also pulsation when you start hitting the breaks.

Technicians say even though all cars are made differently, the key is to follow your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. You could ether spend a little bit now, whether that's time or money, or you'll be spending a lot later.

For more expensive jobs Tuffy offers financing options, so you can keep on cruising without breaking the bank.

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