Dothan mayor, city commission and school board gets an inside look into the schools

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Jul. 12, 2019 at 10:49 PM CDT
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The Dothan mayor, city commission and school board got a look inside a few Dothan City Schools Friday afternoon to see the progress that's been made this summer.

They walked through Dothan High and Honeysuckle today, two of the schools with the most drastic projects underway.

The Capital Improvement Consultant Jeff Prine said the projects were around 75% completed, so these honorary guests got to see what three-quarters of the way there looks like.

"Let me ask a question, some of the commissioners and board members and I have been hearing that we're going to have to move back the date to open up," Dothan City School Board Chairman Mike Schmitz asked Prine before walking through Honeysuckle.

School Board Chairman Mike Schmitz was on the front lines when it came to making a decision to restructure Dothan City Schools, but now that construction is underway, he's not at the schools to see if progress is being made on schedule and under budget.

That is why Capital Improvement Consultant Jeff Prine wanted to take Schmitz and the rest of the board on a tour through some of the schools.

"This is really a city and school system function,” said Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Edwards. “If you think about it, what happens to your school system matters in terms of what happens to your city."

The mayor, board members and city commissioners toured Dothan High and Honeysuckle to see how the $15 million investment is being spent.

They saw the new led lights going into the classrooms, $300,000 playground at Honeysuckle and the Dothan High gym, freshly painted and waxed.

"It's a beautiful place, said Dothan High School Basketball Coach Janasky Fleming. “It's been re-painted and we'll get the wolf on the all and some other stuff. I know everyone will be pleased, the kids as well."

While that group got to see the changes going on inside, everyone else will get to see the ones going on outside over the next couple of weeks.

Within the next two weeks, the letters at Dothan Prep and marquees at several other schools will get an update.

Prine told the board everything is happening on time, but is it happening on budget?

"My rule is on time and under budget, so that's what we've been successful at doing,” said Prine. “As we move forward, we know exactly where the dollars are going. Course you build in contingency, but the bottom line is, you check that on a monthly basis to make sure you're not going over."

They were also supposed to see Dothan Prep, where $5 million is going to, but it was postponed due to heavy construction still underway.

They'll tour that facility in exactly two weeks, when it is safer.

There will be a few projects that won't be done before schools starts.

The roofs at several schools will be worked on, elevators will be installed at three schools and central office won't move into Honeysuckle for the first few months of the school year.

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