Dothan leaders celebrate Earth Day with ribbon cutting at new recycling station

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY)- For Earth Day, Dothan city leaders celebrated with a ribbon cutting for a new recycling station.

This ribbon cutting is especially meaningful, because it wasn't long ago that there were talks of shutting down the Dothan Recycling Center.

Thankfully the city was able to find a way to keep the service up and running.

With stricter rules for recycling, officials are looking to educate the public about how to recycle, starting with children.

Charles Metzger, The Dothan Public Work Director says "We are going to be trying to spend time with environmental services employees and going out to talk with school children and things like that to try to get them to learn the importance of it, I know they taught it in school some, but we can add to that".

Anyone can drop off recyclables at the recycling convenience center during business hours, you can also request to have a blue recycling bin brought to your home, free of charge.

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