Dothan for the Fourth

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- “We love the holidays around here but especially the Fourth of July. Kind of that mid-summer excitement,” said Aaron McCreight, President and CEO of Visit Dothan.

The biggest on Fort Rucker is Freedom Fest.

“Freedom festival out there," said McCreight.

"They do a great job out there 6-10. Great Festival all Americana out there at Fort Rucker on Wednesday night.”

Landmark Park is having a special celebration of its own.

“On the fourth itself, on Thursday out at Landmark Park they’ll be a big Fourth of July celebration out there,” said McCreight.

“Reading the Declaration of Independence some historical costumes on display out there at the landmark park it’ll be a great time, great family event out there.”

So what makes this holiday fun in the Wiregrass?

“We’re going to be at our house,” Leisa Garlington.

“We’re going to be cooking out and having a birthday party for this one.”

“Barbecue, fireworks, and vodka,” said Bobbia Wilson.

After the fourth is over, those plans will change.

Saturday we’re going out of town,” said Garlington.

“We’re going to Panama City because this granddaughter is playing in the World Series - softball World Series down in Panama City for the whole next week.”

“I gotta get back to work. Bills gotta be paid, kids gotta eat, and that’s the big plan,” said Wilson.

There's still something local to look forward to before the weekend.

“Friday night you got Foster fest. The first Friday will be wrapped up in red white and blue, so a great foster fest on Friday,” said McCreight.

Here is a list of events around the Wiregrass.

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