Dothan expert gives tips on mental illness

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- In light of the recent mass shootings, mental illness is a topic that has been brought into the spotlight. President Trump called for more focus on mental illness on Monday... but there are some obstacles.

“Because of the stigma associated with it, oftentimes families try to keep it within the family, the individual suffering from mental illness, doesn’t want to admit to the mental illness.”

Lack of resources is another issue.

“Like most problems in our society, the problem is much bigger than there are resources to meet that need. There’s not enough organizations there’s not enough people not enough money, to meet the needs that are out there,” says Probate Judge Patrick Davenport.

Many care providers such as Spectracare are expanding their resources, making sure everyone that needs help can get it.

Suzy Kingry at SpectraCare says, “We’re looking for additional funding sources, it all comes down to what funding is available. We pride ourselves on maximizing our resources and being able to provide services to those who seek help.”

They also say it’s important to look out for signs.

“If someone’s withdrawn, if they’re isolating, if they’re sleeping more they’re sleeping less their appetite is different, if they notice unusual or bizarre behavior and they’re just not sure, reach out to someone,” advised Kingry.

So does mental illness need attention?

Yes. But Judge Davenport suggests focusing instead on the people around you. “Until you see some instance pop up on the news, and then there’s attention brought to the fact that mental illness is out there. The reality is, it’s in our churches it’s in our schools in our neighborhoods, in our clubs, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s something we need to get appropriate treatment for.”

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