Dothan family enjoys first holiday as family after adopting foster kids

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Thanksgiving may be over, but the Cartlidge family is extra thankful this holiday season.

5 year old Jack and 4 year old Jonah are biological brothers who have found their forever home.

Their journey took 849 days as they were bounced from home to home. That's until they met their new parents - Renee and Joshua.

The Cartlidge's have 2 kids of their own, Logan and Bree and in addition to raising them, they have been fostering since 2016.

10 children have moved in and out of their home since their adventure began.
Although adoption is something they always knew they wanted to do.. they had no idea jack and jo would be the kids for them.

Joshua says, "So there were different kids that we fell in love with that we thought well is this what the Lord is leading us to? And then doors were shut, and you still miss those kids, and that bond, but it wasn't what was meant to be."

The Cartlidge family took the two boys into their home for three days - thinking they would never see them again after the short stay.

But then they got a call..
"We got a call not too long.. a couple of weeks later, asking if we would take them in full time."

After taking time to think and pray on it, they were happy to say yes.. adding a new meaning to family!

Renee Cartlidge says, "Family comes before everything. Before work, before outsiders, it's just very important.. so it's been good to give that to them BC they have never had that before."

What started as a family of four, has had their first Thanksgiving officially as the Cartlidge family of 6.

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