Dothan city leaders propose change in alcohol ordinance

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- An amendment to a Dothan ordinance could dictate where you are served alcohol.


The alcoholic beverage ordinance is designed to assure distance between churches, schools, and playgrounds and places that serve alcohol. The distance is currently measured from door to door - with a 600 foot limit.

Under the amendment, officials would measure from property line to property line with a 200 foot limit.
Mayor Mark Saliba says the change makes it more accurate, safer and easier to measure.

"You can do it on a GIS map, and even though the numbers are going down it's still going to be as constrictive and conservative as it always has been," said Mayor Saliba.

The new ordinance would exclude shopping malls and the entertainment district or as you may also know it as - Downtown Dothan. The new ordinance wouldn't interfere with current established businesses.

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