Dothan approves the budget for 2018-2019

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DOTHAN, Al. (WTVY) — The city of Dothan has approved its two year budget.

The spending plan is $217-million for fiscal year 2018 beginning October 1st.

It goes up to $220-million dollars the following the year.

The biggest appropriations are for public service, the police and fire departments accounting for nearly $35-million dollars.

Sewage upgrades and road repair projects are also a top priority.

Mayor Mike Schmitz says, "We have added some new things that we will do with infrastructure, so it looks a little larger but we have saved the money for it so it is a good budget and it is balanced."

Dothan has a $70-million dollar surplus.
That includes reserved and unreserved funds.
The difference is reserved funds are earmarked to specific project.
Unreserved can be spent on anything.

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