Dothan woman chooses online learning for daughter

Published: Aug. 9, 2018 at 5:08 PM CDT
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While some students are heading to the bus stop each morning to get to school, others are heading to their computers inside their homes.

School safety has been a hot topic this year, and with school shootings and bullying becoming more common.

Some parents are opting to keep their children safe at home. We spoke with one woman - whose reasoning is neither of those.

While Kimberly McLin is making breakfast - her daughter Alexis is already on her first lesson for the day.

Alexis is in the second grade, and suffers from a digestive issue.

This issue requires her to eat multiple small meals throughout the day, resulting in many tummy aches as well.

While attending public school Alexis spent a decent amount of time in the nurse’s office, causing her to miss class.

But once her mom found out about the Alabama Connection Academy, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to keep her daughter healthy and learning at the same time.

"I was in school at the time, but I put my career on hold - to be home with her," said Kimberly McLin.

Alexis likes being home schooled, and says “I like it a whole lot better because I can take breaks as many times as I want when my stomach hurts.”

McLin says, “Here she can eat a small amount do her school work, wait a couple of hours then eat another meal and go back to class.”

Kimberly says Alexis is looking forward to third grade where she will begin learning a foreign language.

She also says home is where Alexis will graduate from.

If you’re interested in Alabama Connection Academy you can contact them at (800) 382-6010.