Dothan Wolves gear up and take the field for the first time

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Students from Dothan and Northview High Schools won't merge until the fall, but that's not stopping new Wolves’ Football Coach Smitty Grider from bringing athletes for the two groups together now.

"I know it's going to be tough, but I feel like we can push through and come through with it,” said Northview High School Junior Jabre Barber. “We got the team."

Jabre Barber has been on the Northview High football team for several years.

He knows his senior year is going to be a little different.

Not only will he have a new coach, but he and his fellow Northview teammates are making room for some new faces from Dothan High.

The merging of both of the city's high schools means Barber will have new competition for his starting spot.

"A lot of competition, you got to work hard,” said Dothan High School Junior Ta’Bryious Wood. “(You think you're ready for it? Ready to take that spot?) Yes sir."

Wolves Coach Smitty Grider says it was important to get the rival squads together, to start making them think like a team.

"We're going to give them a little bit of gear that says ‘Wolves’ on it,” said Grider. “That's what I expect them to start wearing from now on."

After putting on the new wardrobe, they hit the field for the team's first ever work out.

Now that the rivalry is gone, the football team will be one of the first impressions for the new school.

"We're going to have a good program, and we're going to be successful,” said Grider. “I think the excitement that will be around that will trump anything from the past rivalries and all those types of things."

The Wolves only received workout equipment this afternoon, but they'll get jerseys and gear closer to the season starting.

Their spring game will be against Hoover on May 18.

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