Dothan Salvation Army puts Mayor Saliba and County Commission Chairman Culver to work

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - The Salvation Army put Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba and Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver to work, packing bags of food.

Salvation Army locations across Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi are hosting a 'Night at the Shelter,' to showcase the work they do in the community.

For Dothan's Salvation Army, that means packing bags of food to give away to those in need.

While the primary goal may be feeding people, it serves as a gateway for everything else the Salvation Army can offer.

"People come in here, they need food, but they have other needs, and they don't know that we meet those needs, so when they come in, each person that receives a food bag has an interview with our social worker, and she gets to ask them questions,” said Lt. Austin Sturdivant of the Dothan Salvation Army. “If they have needs beyond that, we can point them in the right direction or help them in house.”

Dothan's Salvation Army was one of 18 within the three-state region that participated in night at the shelter.

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