Dothan SADD students embrace "The Force" for "Tar Wars"

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - "The Force" was with students at Dothan High Wednesday afternoon as they took on the “Tar Wars.”

The Students Against Dangerous Decisions (SADD) put on the Star Wars-themed rally for national Kick Butts Day.
Chris Payne, a teacher at Dothan High, doesn't usually come to work in Jedi robes, but then again, it wasn't a usual day.

He and the Dothan High School SADD Club held a rally about the dangers of e-cigarettes, and they made it Star Wars-themed to grab their attention.

"We had the rise of Darth Vaper, and we put together a skit that we performed here on stage, showing the students where tobacco came from and where it's going in the future,” said Payne.

The presentation following the Star Wars skit centered on new kinds of e-cigarettes and the popularity they are developing with teenagers.

In preparation for Kick Butts Day, Payne had his students go to convenience stores to take pictures of how e-cigarettes are being marketed.

"When they are standing there at the cash register, they see the huge display of tobacco products, not only cigarettes, but the new juuling and vaping trend that we see, and the flavored section, where they've got flavored canisters next to where candy is being sold,” said Payne.

Many of the new e-cigarettes come with USB chargers, so students can plug them into computers at school, without teachers even knowing it is a nicotine-delivery pod.

Dothan High has the largest students against dangerous decisions club in the state, and members are doing their part to fight the new vaping trend.

"I've seen some of my friends fall into it, and this organization has been really awesome at trying to get rid of that stereotype and stigma that smoking is cool,” said SADD Officer Lauren Beauchamp.

Members of the current Dothan High SADD Club are hoping to merge with the Northview club next year to make an even bigger one by 2020.

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