Dothan Police Department Squad Cars Getting System Update

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) Advances in technology are supposed to make everyone’s life a little easier and for a majority of people it does. What’s the newest smartphone, or what’s the best app, or what are the best headphones? These questions get asked a lot.

But when it comes to video, especially police video, that question is already being answered by the Dothan Police Department.

“Officer uses all his senses when he’s on a traffic stop or when he’s out with somebody but another point of view is always good. You can never have to many angles”, said Officer John Chesser of the Dothan P.D.

Having an additional angle is exactly what he’ll be getting. Dash Cams aren’t new, but what is new is the technology they’ll use, with John being one of the first ones to use it.

This week, over a dozen Dothan police cars will be fitted with a new Dash Cam that will sync up with their body cams. The technology will not only allow supervisors to see two different angles of a situation but also, they’ll be able to pull the video almost instantaneously.

The newer technology obviously lets us access that video much faster”, said Captain Stacy Robinson.

The way the system will work is any video that’s recorded will automatically be uploaded to a cloud based system, as an officer drives through a “checkpoint”.

As of now only 14 squad cars will feature the new system. Hall says, they plan on finishing the new installation by the end of the week.

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