Dothan Police Department Body Cam System now fully implemented

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Dothan, AL (WTVY) The Dothan Police Department body cam system is now fully implemented.

Dothan police body cameras now operate much like cellphones.

Instead of making phone calls, they record video and save it in real time.

135 body cams...
Security for officers and assurances for the public. .
Chief Steve Parrish, with the Dothan Police Department says:
"Essentially what you have is you have a mobile wifi in each car and as the officer interacts on a call, that video is actually streamed to cloud storage in a secure manner."

It's state of the art technology powered by Motorola.
Randy Hall, Electronic Systems and Maintenance Supervisor says:
"We researched it and looked at many vendors and this was the one that seemed to be ahead of everyone else."

For three months officers and their cars were equipped.
The task was completed about a month ago.

Hall says:
"With our two guys working together, it takes probably about an hour and a half to two hours to install and about 30 minutes working with the officer training them on use."

When that's done--- there are two cameras, one in the car and one on the officer.

The camera system in the middle of the chest will allow the officer to record everything on scene all thanks to a smart phone installed within the vest.

Video is uploaded to the cloud.
Parrish says that means it’s there if needed and can't be destroyed.
Eliminating the chance of the video being erased---accidentally or intentionally.

Parrish says:
"The video is much more secure, I think it eliminates an issue or possibility of people tampering with any of the video."

While Dothan has state of the art cams many departments have none due to the cost.
The City of Dothan received a federal grant for 202,500 dollars to assist with the purchase.

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