Dothan High's Class of 1974 Celebrates 45 Years

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) “This is just a great place with great people and great memories,” says Dothan High alumna Carol Smith.

Dothan High's class of 1974 met to say goodbye to their high school campus as part of their 45th class reunion celebration.

“When I graduated it was the only high school so we were all together.

You went to Dothan City Schools you graduated from Dothan High,” says Nancy Fain.

So, they took a final photo at the main entrance because soon, the Dothan High letters will be replaced with Dothan Preparatory Academy.

“We loved football games. We used to walk during halftime. We would walk to the colonial bread bakery and get free bread. You could smell it from the stadium,” says Dianne Capan.

“We’d sneak in the auditorium and they’d have play practice going on at lunchtime. You weren’t supposed to eat oh well you know we did all kinds of things we weren’t supposed to do,” says Ginger Ross.

“One of the main things I remember is the friendship among all the people who were in school,” says the class of 1974 valedictorian Todd Dunnavant.

They had lots of memories of their classes.

“As far as the physical education we girls we had all kinds of stuff going on that they do in the Olympics,” says alumna Carol Smith.

Although they are a little sad, they know that change is inevitable.
“Things don’t say the same and they don’t. They keep evolving and keep changing and you just have to go with it,” says Smith.

And when it comes to getting a new mascot…

“I think overall that it’s good to change the mascot so that basically everybody can start over,” says Dunnavant.

Starting in August, their high school building will be filled with 7th through 9th graders.

“I just hope that whoever that is in these walls is as proud of the school as we are,” says Ross.

And of course, after it was all said and done they sang the alma mater.

The next time the class meets they will be celebrating their 50th reunion, and they are hoping for an even larger turnout.

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