Dothan High students take in changes on day one

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - After a year of re-structuring the schools, Dothan City Schools students got a taste of the changes.

Dothan High students were back in the classrooms for the first time today, as just one high school.
It seemed like business as usual to me, as a third person looking in.

Kids were getting their schedules and figuring out where to head next.

For the group of students that decided some of these changes, it is quite an experience to see their vision come to life.

"It's kind of cool because people are like, 'That's so pretty,' said Dothan High Junior Jariah Williams. “I'm like, 'Yeah, I picked that.’"

Jariah Williams and Raley Pasibe spent several weeks back in January as a part of the team designated to brand the new high school.

They decided on the name, mascot, logo and colors,

Now they are finally getting to see the branding up close on the first day of school.

"Everyone that's seen the wolf pack sign is like, 'Oh, we're the wolf pack,'” said Pasibe. “The fact that everyone took it in so quickly, like you see on Snapchat and Instagram, #wolfpack,” added Williams.

Jariah and Raley were already students at the Northview campus last year, but for some, the restructuring meant moving.

"That was the thing with the decision, at first, I was not so excited about coming over for my senior year, but being a part of football and all, it encouraged better spirit,” said Dothan High Senior Brody Barnett.

While some students are getting used to a new school, they have something else to get used to...a new cell phone policy, that prohibits phone usage during school hours.

"We're just so much into our phones now-a-days, and now teachers can get more stuff done,” said Williams. “Last year it was a big, hectic thing because people just wouldn't pay attention."

So there are plenty of changes to get used to, and now these former tigers and cougars will have to come together for the foreseeable future.

"I've pretty much just felt unity,” said Barnett. “Nobody's been like, 'Northview or Dothan High or anything like that, everybody's been, 'Go wolves.'"

The new Dothan City School public information officer said she'd like to do a more in-depth look at how the students are handling the transition in a few weeks, when they really start to settle in.

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