Dothan High band offers new selections at National Peanut Festival

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- With just a few days until the start of the National Peanut Festival, many are ready to get their fix of fair foods.

"It was heartbreaking painting over the cougar and the tiger but the way that our kids have bonded this year in band is awesome," Victoria Messenger, Wolfpack band booster VP said.

This year's National Peanut Festival is one to remember for Dothan High's band; it will be the debut for the Wolfpack Snack Shack and Pride of Wolfpack Cafe. Band boosters say they are ready.

"Man, big. Huge level and it's this way every year, but this year... more so this year," Dedra Garrey, band booster president said. "Right now everybody is energetic. We're ready to get started -- excited for the crowds. Give me a day, 24 hours after we start and we will be crawling home and we will still be excited but not quite as energetic."

The shack will now have two kitchens and will be the band's biggest fundraiser.

"This is our starting money for the year, to purchase color guard flags, and costumes, and instruments, mallets and different things like that. I mean you just won't believe the stuff that we buy for band ya know," Messenger said.

In the past the two schools have been known for their menu items, but will they still offer them?

"Are we doing the Cougar Crunch?" says Garrey. "Are we doing the Tiger Tail? What's the menu? Do we have a wolfy thing? And so there's surprises in store as far as menu goes and we're still going to offer the traditional things."

Band members and their parents sign up for days to work the shack, giving them a chance to not only help out but get to know one another.

"And some of these parents have never met each other. But it gives them a chance to meet maybe they have heard about this student and his parents but maybe they have had a chance talk well this gives them that chance," Messenger said.

And they're just hoping all their hard work pays off.

"We have come together to create a special thing as one. And I hope they'll feel unity, I really do. I hope we can feel unity, that's been our theme all year. one pack, one vision so hopefully we can live up to that here as well," Garrey said.

You can get a chance to see what the Wolfpack Snack Shack and Pride of Wolfpack Cafe has to offer at the National Peanut Festival.

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