Dothan High School Observes National School Walkout Day

Published: Mar. 14, 2018 at 5:39 PM CDT
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Seventeen balloons were released - one for each of the seventeen shot and killed at Stoneman Douglas High School.

March 14th deemed a National School Walkout Day....with thousands of students demanding change to gun laws.

And at Dothan High School - a different idea.

Erica Hall, the Assistant Principal of Dothan High School says, "We wanted to do something tasteful, something that we could be proud of and did not have a stigma tied to it."

At 10:00am, when thousands on other campuses walked out of classrooms onto the streets, these Dothan high students walked onto their football field.

"We got together on Monday with these plans, so it was Monday with the advisors, Tuesday with the students and executing it today.” Said Hall.

With a moment of silence, balloon release and the singing of the Stoneman Douglas Alma Mater.

Student Government President, Shamari Reams said, "it’s kind of a proud moment for me, to be a part of it because , I have a voice everybody should be able to feel like they have a voice, it’s awesome.”

A voice Aliyyah Coachman used to sing the Stoneman Douglas Alma Mater at the ceremony and to send a message to her fellow classmates.

"You should be smarter, you should use your head, that’s what you're here for...listen, communicate; you should never use violence," says Coachman.

The presentation was not mandatory, but half of the student body and faculty came together to pay their respects for the lives lost in Parkland, FL.