Dothan City Schools revising dress code in hopes of boosting attendance

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- Dothan City Schools's students will get to express themselves more this upcoming school year because the system is revising the dress code.

The system wants to boost attendance and one big way they hope to do that is by allowing students to be more of themselves.

DCS has had its uniform policy for over 10 years -- it says students must wear solid-colored, collared shirts with khaki or black pants.

Well, now there is some lee-way.

The system is going from a uniform code to a dress code for grades 9-12.

That means instead of solid-colored, collared shirts, students can wear any collared shirt with any type of bottoms, including jeans as long as they are modest and decent.

School System Officials say the new dress code will hopefully boost attendance, because students can be more themselves.

DCS Director of Safety and Attendance Scott Faulk says, "When you miss time in the classroom, you are missing out on academics; if you miss a whole week then you've missed an entire lesson plan."

Parents are invited to a meeting to discuss the changes; it is June 28th at 5:30pm at the Dothan High School auditorium.

Students in K-8 will stay on the uniform policy.

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