Dothan City Schools flips the switch on for new, energy-efficient lighting

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Oct. 24, 2019 at 10:50 PM CDT
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More upgrades are in store for each of Dothan City School's 11 campuses.

This after the school board approved a performance contract for a steep price tag.

$11.9 million - that's what it will cost the Dothan City School system to upgrade all the lighting to energy-efficient LED and improve the water fixtures.

It will also cover replacing some of the H-VAC systems at Dothan Prep, Selma Street and Carver.

"They have been working with Trane to see if we could identify some savings energy-wise within the system, and they presented a plan last board meeting,” said Dothan City Schools Chief Financial Officer Mike Manuel.

The school board approved the contract with Trane Manufacturing after considering it for several months.

Ultimately, the system will recover the $11.9 million. It'll just take a while.

"It's a guaranteed savings,” said Manuel. “The savings is about $480,000 a year. We'll use that with some other funds that we have to pay the debt service on the loan."

What Manuel means by "guaranteed savings" is that if, for whatever reason, the savings from the new lighting and water fixtures don't reach that $480,000 a year, Trane will have to pay the difference.

It'll take 19 years to make up the difference, but once they do, the board will be able to start using those savings for any other tech needs that may - or better yet will - come up in the next two decades.

The board will finance the contract through Bank of America with a 2.21% rate over 19 years.

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