Dothan City Schools announce new middle school program

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) -- The American Character Program comes from the Liberty Learning Foundation, and is currently being taught at Beverlye Magnet Middle School.

Now it's being expanded to all middle schools.

The program is meant to help students become good citizens.

Patti Yancey is the founder of the Liberty Learning Foundation, and she says, "It covers character, financial literacy, and actually also goes into career development, all sitting on the basis of civics."

Dothan Superintendent, Dr. Phyllis Edwards tells us, "I think, big picture, it creates a sense of belonging to the school and also to the community where they come from."

The American Character Program will ensure more than 600 7th graders in the City of Dothan are taught these values.

Girard Middle School Principal, Darius McKay says, "This is going to allow our students to have a little bit more discipline and a little more charcter about themselves"

While the program has been introduced for younger kids, the gal for the American Character Program will be for it to play a role in student's lives through high school.

Dr. Edwards has plans to introduce the program to the high schools later in the year.

She says, "It'll be the 9th grade and 12th grade. So we might start by bringing in some motivational speakers, but also by doing other kinds of activities where we are encouraging the understanding of what are the skills you need to get out in the world."

Funding for the expansion of the program is being provided by the Dothan Area Chamber Foundation.

Since being established in 2012, the American Character Program has impacted more than 490 schools and communities.

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