Dothan City Schools Musicians Busy at Band Camp

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DOTHAN, Ala.-- Both band directors Larry Batchelor of Northview High School and Adrian Broughton of Dothan High School are making sure band members are prepared to beat the heat during this "marching week" at band camp.

From the beating of the drums, to the waving of the flags, to the harmonious sound of the full band students are working hard to make sure they are ready to play when football season kicks off in about 4 weeks.

Freshman band member Allison Jackson is prepared to put in her full effort to ensure success at football games, parades, and other special events. That will include making sure that she is prepared for south Alabama's hot weather.

She says that all band members are making sure that they have water, energy drinks, ice, and wet towels to cool off during the day. The most important factor to her though is being a family and sticking together.

Northview High School Band Director Larry Batchelor says that it was hot last week at their rookie camp and that he tells the kids to hydrate and be prepared.

Upcoming senior high student, Serin Baek has experienced band camp for many years and she says that this year has been one of the hottest.

She also says that it is more humid this year. Mr. Broughton does well with helping the students by letting them take frequent breaks. Last week he gave students exposure to the heat during the day by letting them practice outside for an hour or two in preparation for what is to come.

Through the blood, sweat, and tears even first time members know that working hard will lead to a successful halftime show when that first game rolls around.

The first game of the season is August 19th.

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