Dothan City School Board approves affiliated organization policy with divided vote

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Nov. 19, 2019 at 12:49 AM CST
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Affiliated organization funding, school admissions and low risk juvenile sex offenders - three policies the Dothan City School Board has been considering for more than a month.

Monday night - the board made its decision on all three.

The admissions and sex offender policies came down from the state and all board members approved them.

The affiliated organizations one however - that's been up for debate.

Dothan City School CSFO Mike Manuel said the district has had two situations in the past year with members of affiliated organizations stealing from their accounts.

That's what started this whole policy conversation.

Initially, the policy the board was considering would require groups, like PTOs and band boosters, to come under the direct supervision of the school.

After members of the Dothan High Band Boosters voiced their concerns to the board, they added another option.

Now, so long as groups meet five different requirements, they can operate outside of the school's control.

WTVY has spoken to a couple of parents over the last month, one with the Dothan Prep PTO and another with Dothan High Band Boosters.

They have concerns about restrictions the policy would place on providing benefits to school employees and the time it would take to be given access to use fundraiser money.

The board wound up approving the policy, but not unanimously.

"There's state law that says that there are certain things that must be in place for any organization,” said Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Edwards. “We're here to serve the students, so any dollars that are raised are raised on behalf of our students in the name of Dothan City Schools."

"I voted no tonight [Monday] on the proposal because it's my belief that the school system doesn't have any business dictating to a parent-run organization how to spend its money,” said District 6 Board Member Chris Maddox.

That policy may have been a divided issue, but there was something else on the agenda Monday night that the board could agree on.

The board decided to give a one-time $500 award for all certified teachers in December and $250 for all support personnel to say thanks just in time for the holidays.

The Dothan City School Board's next meeting will be Thursday, December 12th.

It will be the first meeting at the new central office, which used to be Honeysuckle Middle School.