Dorsey Trailer bigger and better after fire recovery

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ELBA, Ala. (WTVY) — U.S. Representative Martha Roby visited Elba Monday afternoon for a look at the recent expansion of Dorsey Trailer.

Dorsey Trailers recently completed a project to rebuild and expand a portion of their facility that was damaged by a fire.

The fire broke out in the plant's paint and sand-blasting section on November 2nd of 2016.
The building's structure was nearly destroyed by fire, heat and smoke.
The company received a loan for the 85,000 square foot project from the Deparment of Agriculture.
PowerSouth Cooperative also acted as a mediator between Dorsey and the USDA for the project.
This new development will add 25 jobs for the area, mainly in production.

Trey Gary, President of Dorsey Trailer says:
"It's great to work with the USDA, it helps with the expansion and the equipment here and the growing economy. We're seeing the activity really great, we're trying to move from 250 trailers a month to and the goal for the next year would be to have 300 a month."

Gary also says they are hiring every day until these new positions are filled.

If you'd like to apply for a position at Dorsey Trailer you can do so at 13-15 Hickman Avenue in Elba.

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