Don’t forget the syrup! Saturday is National Waffle Day

Saturday is National Waffle Day. (Source: CNN)

(CNN) - Don't waffle on what to eat on Saturday. Bust out the maple syrup and go get yourself some waffles on National Waffle Day.

It marks the anniversary of the first US patent for a waffle iron. It was issued on August 24, 1869, to Cornelius Swartwout.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate. You can make your own waffles at home, go out to a restaurant for chicken and waffles or really go to town and enter a waffle-eating contest.

You can post your waffle meals to the social media hashtag #NationalWaffleDay.

After you’ve had your fill, if you don’t want to wait a full year to celebrate all things waffles again, March 25 is International Waffle Day.

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