Dilly Dogs, Macho Nachos and Pig Wings at the NPF

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- Some people go to the Peanut Festival just for the food. Here are some of the tasty treats on offer this year.

Dothan Wolfpack Band Boosters

The Dothan Wolfpack band Boosters have two kitchens producing some great fair food.

The Wolfpack Cafe has sandwiches and nuggets from Chick-fil-A, the big bad wolf BBQ sandwich, Philly cheesesteaks, and andouille sausages.

The Wolfpack Snack Shack features canine kibble (fried cheese curds), chili dishes, and wolf bites (fried cheesecake bites).

And a challenge for fair food lovers at the Wolfpack Band Boosters is the macho nacho.

Dale County High School Band Boosters

Dale County High School has some unique items including Dilly Dogs. A dilly dog is a hollowed out dill pickle, that is then stuffed with a hotdog, before being battered and fried like a corndog. Also at the Dale County High School kitchen are monte cristo sandwiches, apple pie nachos, and s'mores egg rolls.

Headland High School Band Boosters

Headland High School Band Boosters has lots of fried deserts on their menu. They're most proud of the Honey Nut Puffs that were featured on the Food Network show Carnival Eats. Honey Nut Puffs are peanut butter and frosted flakes cereal, dipped in batter, fried and then drizzled with honey and confectioners sugar.

Slocomb High School Redtops

The Slocomb High School Redtops are serving tomato sandwiches, chicken finger baskets, cappachino and hot chocolate.

Dothan Fire and Police Departments

The DFD and DPD tent is the place to get firehouse fries and pig wings along with red beans and rice.

Dothan Civitan Club

The Civitan Club is proud of their funnel cakes. They also serve pizza, and chili chese fries.

The Church at the Crossing

The Church at the Crossing brags that they have the best looking menu at the Festival, and they are offering foods that are a little healthier (but still fried).

New Life Pentecostal Church

New Life Pentecostal Church has: fried oreos, fried moon pies, fried snickers, and something new this year... fried cheesecake chimichangas. They also have burgers, hot dogs, chili cheese fries, cheese nachos, chili cheese nachos, corn dogs, and sausage dogs.

Other Food Vendors

There are many other food vendors on Food Court row offereing just about anything you can image battered, deep-fried.

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