Diana's White Garden honors the late Princess

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LONDON -- (WTVY) Thursday the world will pay tribute to Princess Diana on the 20th anniversary of her death. At her former London home, a special memorial garden has been created in her memory.
This was one of Princess Diana's favorite places to relax. Once her backyard, it is now a memorial in London known as the White Garden.
Sean Harkin is the palace's head gardener.
The idea for doing the garden came through talking to the gardeners that used to be here during the time when Kensington Palace was Princess Diana's home.
She would come by here, and she would just have bit of a laugh and a joke with them really. She would also say if there were plants that she liked, or didn't like or color schemes, or she would sometimes feed the KoI carp.
More than 12,000 flowers and plants are now in bloom here, all inspired by Diana's life and style.
"Princess Diana loved whites and cream roses. So we've got these large terracotta pots surrounding the pond, with different whites and cream roses in them. This one's particularly nice, it's called William and Catherine, after Prince William, and it's cream, it opens up, it turns pink and it has a lovely scent."
The garden is steeped in history. It's more than 100 years old.
One of the main displays, is through the large cosmos daisies in the center of the garden. If she was going to visit children or to a hospice, she would often dresses with a bold flower print over the top of them. She wanted something cheery and uplifting.
The white garden is open to the public, and Harkin says he hopes he created a peaceful place where people can reflect on the legacy of the late princess.