Sarrell Dental hit by ransomware

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Undated (WTVY)-- Sarrell Dental, with a clinic in Dothan, is offering patients free credit monitoring after an attack on its computer system.

“In July 2019 we detected ransomware that appears to have been the result of an intrusion that may have happened in January 2019,” Sarrell Dental told patients in a letter.

The company claims it immediately deactivated its network, temporarily closed practices, and engaged an independent computer security firm to investigate. The letter said the company paid no ransom.

Sarrell Dental also said no evidence has been found that information that may have been involved in the incident has been misused. It does not indicate the number of patients that may have been affected.

Sarrell claims neither social security numbers nor financial information has been compromised.

“However, because we cannot rule out the possibility that the hackers obtained sensitive information form the network, we are providing (customers) with information about resources to assist in protecting (them).”

The company is offering identity theft protection services through ID Experts. It will provide 12 months of credit monitoring with a $1,000,000 insurance reimbursement policy.

Sarrell’s website reveals it has 15 locations in Alabama.