Deadly nightclub shooting remembererd seven years later

Ryan Clark Petersen listens during testimony at his murder trial in this December 12, 2016 photo.
Ryan Clark Petersen listens during testimony at his murder trial in this December 12, 2016 photo.(WTVY News 4)
Published: Aug. 9, 2019 at 4:17 PM CDT
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Friday marks seven years since Ryan Clark Petersen murdered three people at Teaser’s Hard Rock Cabaret, a gentleman’s club near Dothan.

Tiffani Paige Grissett, a 31-year old employee; Cameron Eubanks, the 20-year old owner’s son and 59-year old Thomas Robins, a customer died.

Petersen, now 29, became upset over a dance he paid Grissett to perform.

Bruce Middleton, the club’s co-owner, offered him a $20 refund. Instead, Petersen became belligerent and security bounced him.

He should have gone home and not gone back in that club.

At the front door, he shot Eubanks six times, killing him. He wounded customer Scotty Russell, who testified that he “played dead” so Petersen wouldn’t shoot him again.

Using a $500 pistol he purchased only a month earlier, Peterson also killed Grissett and Robbins.

The dispute at his trial wasn’t whether Petersen shot those people. Surveillance camera video proves he did.

Petersen had a concealed weapons permit, in spite of emotional issues, having been committed to behavioral treatment facilities. On August 9, 2012, indications are he had not taken prescribed medications for a few days.

He had also been drinking that night, though how much is conjecture.

Attorneys argued his deteriorated emotional state caused Petersen to commit those crimes. They argued that he did not comprehend his actions and showed immediate remorse.

The jury didn’t buy that argument. After the longest trial ever in Houston County—almost a month--- jurors took only an hour to find Ryan Clark Petersen guilty.

Now on death row, he hopes his life will be spared by appeals courts.

Families of those who died that hot summer night say the nightmare won’t end until Petersen is executed.

Paul Eubanks, Cameron’s father, wrote on his Facebook page: “As I relive those moments, that night....I have one word to describe it—Hell. I am at a loss for words, as each tear fills my eyes,”