Daleville's Pride of the South prepares for Outback Bowl

Published: Dec. 28, 2018 at 2:34 PM CST
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The Daleville High School marching band will entertain fans of Iowa and Mississippi State at halftime of the Outback Bowl in Tampa.

Alexandra Trenkler, Senior at Daleville High School says "Our band director actually had like an invitation to take our band there. So, the people who could afford to go...we all put our money together and now, we're going to take two charter buses and go have fun."

Around 80 people will be making the trip to Tampa.

"It's like my life right now...all of our lives! All 80 or however many of us there's all we ever do," replied Trenkler.

Trenkler says preparing for this competition requires as much work as she put into summer band camp.

"...they say you get don't get very many breaks. You get two hours for lunch, you come back, and then it's inside. You then leave at five or six for another two hours...then you come back until nine at night," says Trenkler.

With the amount of music the band has to learn, they are using every chance they've got to practice.

Jamie Peters, Senior at Daleville High School says "We had parade practice and then we had concert practice. Right now, they're doing jazz band practice and marching percussion practice."

The band will spend three nights and four days away from Daleville.

"We have six different competitions. We're doing a jazz competition, we're marching in a parade, and we're doing the big halftime competition," says Trenkler.

If the "Pride of the South" wins the halftime competition...

"We'll be on the football field in the halftime in the actual show. We're doing a lot of stuff, there's a lot of competitions," replied Trenkler.

Win or lose…Trenkler says they are one big family.

"A lot of other bands...they're so big so you can't really know everyone. Here...everyone knows everyone's name basically. It's just very personable and we just take care of each other," says Trenkler.

"Before I came here, I was in a school with maybe 800 or something like that...but now, I know almost everybody that goes here," replied Peters.

The game will begin at 11AM central and if they win...the Daleville band will be on the field around 12:15PM.

It will be televised on ESPN2.

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