Daleville's National Night Out against crime

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DALEVILLE, Ala. (WTVY) -- The Daleville Department of Public Safety set up for a night out against crime.

The national initiative focuses on building better relationships between the community and law enforcement.

People filled Daleville’s Culpepper Park August 6th for a night out against crime.

Daleville Police Chief Allen Medley says it's a good opportunity to meet the community.

"It's very important for everybody to know us and know the officer and first responders that are going to be coming and dealing with."

The community realizes that importance too.

"To be able to interact with our first responders and you see the kids having a great time and relating that great time to the officers also breaks that tension," said Daleville resident James Cunningham.

"Just helps them feel comfortable and get to know the people that are here to serve and protect. They're there if we need them," said Daleville resident Holly Martin.

It was a laid-back setting, with music, inflatables and plenty of chances to connect with first responders.

Chief Medley says events like this go a long way in keeping their crime rate low.

"You got places like this that kinda police themselves if you will and you don't have the big city crime rate,”

"I think it's just because of a small community that loves each other and gets along with each other."

James Cunningham says the joint effort between citizens and law enforcement makes Daleville a great place to live.

"Well the Daleville Community feels like a very safe and homey place. It's somewhere you would want to live."

National night out is an annual event that happens across the country in all 50 states on the first Tuesday in August.

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