Daleville baseball parents say "there has never been any problems" concerning coach Hendrix

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The Daleville City Board of Education met for the first time tonight since Daleville baseball coach, Justin Hendrix was put on administrative leave.

Superintendent Lisa Stamps sent a letter to Hendrix last Thursday saying she was recommending he be terminated.

Stamps says she made the decision after hearing concerns from administrators. those concerns, involve his role as a teacher.

Although the board did not discuss the matter in tonight's meeting -
many baseball player parents were in attendance to see if the issue would be discussed.

Afterwards they voiced their concerns about the situation.

"There's never been any problems that we were aware of and Justin said that he's never even been called to the principals office for a problem. So I don't understand how you can go straight to we're terminating you for a personal reason but you've never tried to correct the problem, if there is a problem." mom of baseball player, Maglissa Jones said.

The Daleville City Board of Education will meet on Wednesday, February 19th at 4:30pm at the Daleville City Schools central office to discuss Justin Hendrix's termination recommendation.

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