Daleville City Schools starts hiring process...again

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Jun. 19, 2019 at 11:22 PM CDT
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It's been a busy summer for the Daleville City School Board.

The board appointed a new superintendent just last week, and had a special called meeting Wednesday afternoon.

It took several weeks to open up the superintendent position, conduct interviews, and ultimately hire Dr. Lisa Stamps from Elvin Hills Elementary.

Now, the school board will have to start that process over, and hopefully fill yet another position before school starts.

The Daleville City School Board only has two positions it’s in charge of hiring, superintendent and chief financial officer.

After receiving 22 qualified applications, interviewing 4 finalists, and ultimately selecting a superintendent last week, the Daleville City School Board was ready to head into next year.

But not so fast...

"It's with obviously mixed emotions as you heard our board members, that Ms. McWilliams has announced her retirement, effective July 31st,” said Board Attorney James Tarbox. “The board honored her wishes and accepted that retirement."

McWilliams’ contract wasn't supposed to be up for at least another year, so now the board will have to enter the recruiting process once again.

It has to be open for two weeks, and then the board can conduct yet another round of interviews.

It hopes to have a new CFO started by July 22nd.

The new superintendent's contract was also on the agenda.

Dr. Stamps can't start until the current contract ends in a week and a half, so the board decided to bring her in as a consultant next week.

"We want to allow Dr. Stamps a week to get in, meet with people she's going to need to meet with, start figuring out her way around Daleville because she's not from here, figure out what we have going on in our facilities,” said Tarbox.

The board attorney recommended Dr. Stamps play a part in the hiring process because she will work closely with the chief financial officer.

The school board is hoping these changes help to improve both schools' report cards.

Daleville High School got a "C" last year, while Wyndham Elementary only managed an "F".