Dale County Extension Office is teaching that pruning is positive

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OZARK, Ala. (WTVY) - If you love gardening, you know it's more than hobby.
So a county extension office is teaching people to be kind to their plants and trees.

Pruning is positive.
Lucy Edwards who is a Regional Extension Agent in HomeGrounds says:
"I love pruning because pruning promotes growth so I would definitely prune in the late winter, early spring so that you have more vigorous, healthy plants."

And Edwards says now is the time to start.
"The plants can recover before the heat of the summer from our severe pruning."

About 8 people turned out to get ideas in Ozark.

"The meditation garden is full of a variety of trees, shrubs, even rosebushes so we're going to get a lot of examples of different types of pruning."
"So we're also going to talk about pruning cuts whether it's a thinning cut, a heading cut...rejuvenating pruning is very popular--if you have an older landscape you can prune it back down."

Experts say you shouldn't remove more than 25 percent away from the canopy of a tree because leaves give off photosynthesis.
Janet Shinaberry, President of Claybank Master Gardeners says:
"You get rid of the bad disease stuff and you have better, healthier plants..."

"These workshops are 99% free, you know once and a while you have to pay for your supplies... It's a good way to learn."

The best part about all this?
"You learn, you give back...it's a win-win situation for everybody, you do good and you learn not to kill your own stuff."

To learn about other upcoming events with the Claybank Master Gardeners, you can visit http://mg.aces.edu/dale/

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