DIRECTOR: Escape isn't what you think at Community Corrections

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- Escape, it’s something you hope never happens, when it comes to Houston County Community Corrections but investigators say, you shouldn't worry as much as you'd think.

With the new cameras they have, they're able to have a better handle on who is where.

Director Tony Weber says, "What people don’t realize, these people are out in the community every day."

There have been more than 70 escapes from HCCC since 1994.

But Weber says a man carjacking a woman at the Southside Walmart in Dothan last Summer is the only one he can remember in over 20 years that ended badly.

"9 times out of 10, they go home, back to moms or grandmas."

Inmates there have jobs, they’re out and about all day, every day.

Weber says,
"They aren’t breaking out, it's not like we have hard criminals, they just make another bad choice when they decide not to come back, just like the bad choice that got them here."

When one doesn’t come back, that’s when investigator Chris Jerkins steps in.

HCCC staff call friends and family, a warrant is issued, and a BOLO but they say, just don’t worry because they will find them.

Jerkins says,
"We want to get away from the term escape, and all it brings, because a lot of times these people aren't what’s portrayed, and what people would think they would be."

2015 was community corrections' biggest year for people not reporting back, 24 people.

So far this year, there have been three escapes.

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