DCS school board discusses budget for upcoming school year

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The Dothan City School Board met to discuss another topic, the budget for the upcoming school year.

With the merging and closing of several schools in the system, it is ultimately saving the city money.

This money will go towards classrooms, facilities, transportation, and offering additional classes.

There will also be a teacher purchasing card program allowing teachers to purchase up to $600 worth of school supplies.

Chief Financial Officer of Dothan City Schools said they could save anywhere from two to two and half million dollars.

Officials talked about how important this merger was for not only the schools but for the students.

"What's really important is to shift as many funds as possible into classroom instruction and get the money where it matters the most in our child's education. And we were spending a lot of money on different maintenance, maintaining buildings and buildings don't teach students," Susan Vierkandt, School Board Member for District 3 said.

"Something had to happen so the board decided to close 4 schools so that there's a savings, operational savings, you don't have to pay utilities on that, you don't have to pay maintenance on those schools and so there are some savings that we will generate next year that we've included in the budget," Mike Manuel, Chief Financial Officer for Dothan City Schools said.

Dothan City Schools will start their school this upcoming Tuesday, the 20th.

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